Sample Online Classes

This page was built during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic when the shift to online teaching was gaining momentum.  Although I missed the personal interaction, some of the innovations are very positive and so are sure to have a lasting impact on the profession.  One of my early favorites was the Panopto format presentation.  (You can find my YouTube channel by going here.)

The samples you find below are based on what were ‘current events’ at the time.  I used these presentations during the early weeks of the lockdown to help the students in my European Financial Markets class make the connection between what we read in the literature and discussed in seminar, and what was happening in the wider world.  My goal was to provide a quick (15-20 minute) talk each week to dig a little deeper into specific issues that are rising in importance.  Given the nature of the class, many of these presentations focus on central banking in the euro area.

The list is in reverse chronological order, from March to June 2020.  Often the videos are accompanied by a blog post or opinion piece.  The ‘blog posts’ point to my website, the ‘op-eds’ point to other websites.  If I published somewhere mainstream, I put the name in the link.  The lockdown was an unnervingly productive period.


The 9 June letter from the Dutch government about ‘Next Generation EU’.


The 4 June European Central Bank press conference and the German fiscal package. (Accompanying blog post).


The 27 May ‘Next Generation EU‘ proposal and the ECB. (Accompanying blog post).


The 18 May Franco-German proposal for a recovery fund.  (Accompanying blog post).


The argument for central bank independence.  (Accompanying blog post).


The 5 May German Constitutional Court Decision.  (Accompanying blog post).


The ECB’s 30 April monetary policy meeting.  (Accompanying blog post).


The 23 April European Council meeting.  (Accompanying blog post).


The tensions in Italian sovereign debt markets.  (Accompanying op-ed).


The 9 April Eurogroup summit. (Accompanying op-ed).


Unpacking helicopter money and dual interest rates.  (Accompanying op-ed).


The debate over coronabonds.  (Accompanying blog post).


The ECB’s initial response to the crisis.  (Accompanying Foreign Affairs piece).