Opinion Pieces

This page needs serious updating. When I started this blog, I occasionally wrote for the popular media both print and web. Since then, my contributions have become more frequent. The list is in reverse chronological order. I need to add about eight years’ worth of material. I used to say coming soon. Now it is probably better to say coming someday.

‘EU Sanctions against Russia are a Double-Edged Sword.’ Moscow Times, 3 August 2014.

[I took a break from writing for the popular media to focus on a weekly column I did for Oxford Analytica. The best of those pieces were published by Palgrave as a volume called The Year the European Crisis Ended in June 2014.]

‘A World without Europe Spells Danger and Woe.’ Financial Times, 20 August 2012. With Nader Mousavizadeh. Also published in Dutch as ‘Een wereld zonder Europa wordt een gevaarlijker oord.’ NRC Handelsblad, 27-28 August 2012.

‘EU Should Provide Investors with Guidance.’ Deutsche Welle, 10 July 2012.

‘Europe’s Imperilled Institutions.’ International Herald Tribune, 29 May 2012. With Nader Mousavizadeh.

‘Efficient Markets Won’t Prevent the Next Crisis.’ Eurointelligence.com, 10 February 2012. Also published in Italian as ‘Troppi disoccupati, e’ ora di cambiare.’ La Repubblica, 9 February 2012.

‘Merkel Is Wrong About EU Fiscal Regulation.’ Foreign Affairs, 12 January 2012.

‘No Four-Leaf Clover for Europe.’ E!Sharp, 1 December 2011. [This is the first of the monthly columns that I wrote until May 2013; the rest are available at E!Sharp (www.esharp.eu).]

‘It Is Not About Berlusconi.’ Eurointelligence.com, 8 November 2011. Also published in Dutch as ‘Het gaat helemaal niet om Berlusconi.’ NRC Handelsblad, 09 November 2011.

‘Why the EU, and Euro, Will Survive.’ USA Today, 31 August 2011. With R. Daniel Kelemen.

‘From American Exceptionalism to Overstretch.’ LSE Ideas, 18 July 2011.

‘Eurocrisis heeft last van Alice in Wonderlands.’ Joop.nl, 16 July 2011. With Saskia van Genugten.

‘Muddling Through the Sovereign Debt Crisis (2).’ E!Sharp, 9 July 2011.

‘Muddling Through the Sovereign Debt Crisis (1).’ E!Sharp, 6 July 2011.

‘Euro Plus: Old Wine in Old Bottles.’ PublicServiceEurope.com, 7 April 2011.

‘Crisis Italie niet om seks.’ de Volkskrant, 19 February 2011. With Saskia van Genugten.

‘How America Adjusts to Monetary Union.’ Eurointelligence.com, 28 January 2011. Also published in Italian as ‘Il fiscal federale e la ricetta USA.’ La Repubblica, 27 January 2011.

‘Why German Opposition to the Common Eurobond Proposal Is Mistaken.’ Eurointelligence.com, 16 December 2010. Also published in Italian as ‘Eurobond di qualita, un’idea per il rigore.’ La Repubblica, 16 December 2010.

‘Fiscal Discipline Is Not Enough to Stabilize the Euro’ EUSA Review 23:3 (Fall 2010) pp. 12-17.

‘Greek Competitiveness Is Not the Issue, Fiscal Discipline Is.’ Eurointelligence.com, 4 March 2010. Also published in Italian as ‘Atene, il problema non e’ la competitivita’.’ La Repubblica, 4 March 2010.

‘Let’s hear it for the euro.’ E!Sharp, 2 June 2009.

‘The far-right cherishes this crisis.’ Guardian.co.uk, 13 April 2009. With Saskia van Genugten.

‘Strengthen a fraying trans-Atlantic alliance.’ Baltimore Sun, 1 April 2009. With John Gans.

‘It’s Not Just Greece.’ Baltimore Sun, 19 December 2008.

‘Understanding Global Forces.’ Philadelphia Inquirer, 21 September 2008.

‘On the Side of God.’ Guardian.co.uk, 12 September 2008.

‘Belgium’s Dilemma is Real.’ Guardian.co.uk, 20 August 2008.

‘Devaluing a Diplomatic Asset.’ International Herald Tribune, 27 May 2008. With John Gans.

‘The Value of Student Diplomacy.’ The Boston Globe, 25 May 2008. With John Gans.

‘Italy’s Bitterness Could Blight Berlusconi.’ Financial Times, 17 April 2008.