Contributions to Survival

Working as contributing editor to Survival has been a great privilege both because it gives me the opportunity to work closely with Dana Allin, who is the editor of the journal, and because it gives me the chance to review recent books on Europe and to contribute to policy debates. The articles listed here include only my own analysis and a few of the review essays I have written — but not the many book reviews I have done over the years. I will try to add those at a later date. The links will take you to a stable URL. The contributions are in reverse chronological order with the most recent coming first.

The War in Ukraine and the European Central Bank.’ Survival 64:4 (2022) pp. 111-119.

Sleep Walking to Solidarity? Russia, Ukraine, and the European Dream.’ Survival 64:3 (2022) pp. 213-222. With Dana H. Allin.

Domestic Politics and the Global Balance.’ Survival 63:6 (2021/2022) pp. 243-252.

Why We Need More Diverse Central Bankers.’ Survival 62:6 (2020/2021) pp. 113-121.

COVID-19 and the EU Economy: Try Again, Fail Better.’ Survival 62:4 (2020) pp. 81-100.

Populism in Europe: What Scholarship Tells Us.’ Survival 61:4 (2019) pp. 7-30.

Four Things We Should Learn from Brexit.’ Survival 60:6 (December 2018/January 2019) pp. 35-44.

Italy, Its Populists and the EU.’ Survival 60:4 (August/September 2018) pp. 113-122.

Democracies Don’t Die, They Are Killed.’ Survival 60:2 (April/May 2018) pp. 201-210.

Catalonia and the Problem of Identity Politics.’ Survival 59:6 (December 2017/January 2018) pp. 41-46.

From the End of History to the Retreat of Liberalism.’ Survival 59:6 (December 2017/January 2018) pp. 165-174.

The Meaning of Britain’s Departure.” Survival 58:4 (August/September 2016) pp. 211-224.

Brexit’s Lessons for European Democracy.” Survival 58:3 (June/July 2016) pp. 41-49.

Confronting Europe’s Single Market.” Survival 58:1 (February/March 2016) pp. 59-67.

The Euro: Irreversible or Conditional?Survival 57:5 (October/November 2015) pp. 29-46.

Leaving Europe: British Process, Greek Event.” Survival 57:3 (June/July 2015) pp. 79-85.

The Unintended Consequences of European Sanctions on Russia.” Survival 56:5 (October/November 2014) pp. 21-30. With Andrew Whitworth.

The Euro Goes to Court.” Survival 56:2 (April/May 2014) pp. 15-23. With R. Daniel Kelemen.

The Euro Crisis: No Plan B.” Survival 55:3 (June/July 2013) pp.81-94.

“Turkey Reconsidered.” Survival 54:6 (December 2012/January 2013) pp. 163-170.

Closing Argument: The Eurozone’s Goldilocks Solution.” Survival 54:4 (August-September 2012) pp. 229-236.

Italy’s Sovereign Debt Crisis.” Survival 54:1 (February/March 2012) pp. 83-110.

Closing Argument: As Good as It Gets?Survival 53:3 (June/July 2011) pp. 205-215. With Dana Allin.

A Great Fall.” Survival 52:4 (August/September 2010) pp. 177-182.

Merkel’s Folly.” Survival 52:3 (June/July 2010) pp. 21-38.

Turkey, Islam, and Europe.” Survival 51:5 (October/November 2009) pp. 163-172.

Closing Argument: Elusive Power, Essential Leadership.” Survival 51:3 (June/July 2009) pp. 243-251.

The Euro and the Financial Crisis.” Survival 51:2 (April/May 2009) pp. 41-54.

“End of the European Idea?” Survival 46:1 (Spring 2004) pp. 155-159.

Europe and the Concept of Enlargement.” Survival 43:1 (Spring 2001) pp. 155-165. With Paolo Cecchini and Jochen Lorentzen.