Journal Articles

Academic journal articles are the focus for most current scholarship. As a result, they are often hard to publish. I have been very lucky in a number of cases; more often than not, though, I have had to try multiple places before I could gain acceptance. The many referees who commented on my work along the way have helped me make it much better than I could have done working alone. No doubt there are still many errors of reasoning or analysis that I need to correct. I hope this work makes a contribution nonetheless. I am listing the articles in reverse chronological order. The links will take you to a stable URL.

Is Europe Really Forged through Crisis? Pandemic EU and the Russia-Ukraine War.’ Journal of European Public Policy (2022) online first. With Veronica Anghel.

Riders on the Storm: The Politics of Disruption in European Member States During the COVID-19 Pandemic.’ East European Politics (2022) 38:4, pp. 551-570. With Veronica Anghel.

Failing Forward in Eastern Enlargement: Problem Solving through Problem Making.’ Journal of European Public Policy (2022) 29:7, pp. 1092-1111. With Veronica Anghel.

Hard to Follow: Small States and the Franco-German Relationship.’ German Politics 31:2 (2022) pp. 344-362.

Italy and Europe: From Competence to Solidarity to Competence.’ Contemporary Italian Politics 13:2 (2021) pp. 196-209.

Failing Forward? Crises and Patterns of European Integration.’ Journal of European Public Policy 28:10 (2021) pp. 1519-1536. With R. Daniel Kelemen and Sophie Meunier.

The Financial Consequences of Export-led Growth in Germany and Italy.’ German Politics 30:3 (2021) pp. 422-440.

Do Central Bankers Dream of Political Union? From Epistemic Community to Common Identity.’ Comparative European Politics 17 (2019) 17:4 (2019) pp. 530-547.

Beyond Central Bank Independence: Rethinking Technocratic Legitimacy in Monetary Affairs.’ Journal of Democracy 30:2 (April 2019) pp. 127-141. With Matthias Matthijs.

Europe: Between Dream and Reality?International Affairs 95:1 (January 2019) pp. 161-180. With Anand Menon.

Toward a Theory of Disintegration.’ Journal of European Public Policy 25:3 (January 2018) pp. 440-451.

The Decline and Fall of Three Hegemonic Parties in Europe.’ SAIS Review 37:1S (Supplement 2017) pp. S71-S87.

The Rise of Populism and the Fall of Europe.’ SAIS Review 37:1 (Winter-Spring 2017) pp. 47-57.

Democracy without Solidarity – Political Dysfunction in Hard Times.’ Government & Opposition 52:2 (April 2017) pp. 185-210.

Financial Markets Matter More than Fiscal Institutions for The Success of the Euro.’ International Spectator 51:4 (December 2016) pp. 29-39.

Failing Forward? The Euro Crisis and the Incomplete Nature of European Integration.’ Comparative Political Studies 48:7 (March 2016) pp. 1010-1034.  With R. Daniel Kelemen and Sophie Meunier Aitsahalia.

TTIP and the Finance Exception: Venue-Shopping and the Breakdown of Financial Regulatory Coordination.’ Journal of Banking Regulation 17:1-2 (March 2016) pp. 4-33. With Huw Macartney.

Getting the Story Right: How You Should Choose Between Different Interpretations of the European Crisis (and Why You Should Care).’ Journal of European Integration 37:7 (2015) pp. 817-832.

Getting to Greece: Uncertainty, Misfortune, and the Origins of Political Disorder.’ European Political Science 12:3 (August 2013) pp. 294-304.

Identity, Solidarity, and Islam in Europe.’ International Spectator 48:1 (2013) pp. 102-116.

European Crisis, European Solidarity.’ Journal of Common Market Studies: Annual Review 50 (August 2012) pp. 53-67.

Power, Leadership, and U.S. Foreign Policy.’ International Spectator 46:3 (September 2011) pp. 19-29.

The Economic Mythology of European Integration.’ Journal of Common Market Studies 48:1 (January 2010) pp. 89-109.

Shifting the Focus: The New Political Economy of Global Macroeconomic Imbalances.’ SAIS Review 29:2 (Summer/Fall 2009) pp. 61-73.

Italy and the Euro in the Global Economic Crisis.’ International Spectator 44:4 (December 2009) pp. 93-103.

Output Legitimacy and the Global Financial Crisis: Perceptions Matter.’ Journal of Common Market Studies 47:5 (November 2009) pp. 1085-1105.

Look for the Blind Spot Where Structural Realism Meets Pluralistic Stagnation.’ British Journal of Politics and International Relations 11:2 (2009) pp. 225-237.

Wheeler Dealers: Silvio Berlusconi in Comparative Perspective.’ Journal of Modern Italian Studies 14:1 (March 2009) pp. 38-45.

Populism in Europe.’ SAIS Review 27:1 (Winter-Spring 2007) pp. 37-47.

Europe’s Market Liberalization is a Bad Model for a Global Trade Agenda.’ Journal of European Public Policy 13:6 (September 2006) pp. 945-959.

The Politics of Europe 2004: Solidarity and Integration.’ Industrial Relations Journal 36:6 (2005) pp. 436-455.

Public Opinion and Enlargement: A Gravity Approach.’ European Union Politics 5:3 (September 2004) pp. 331-351. With Niels van der Bijl.

The Politics of Europe 2003: Differences and Disagreements.’ Industrial Relations Journal 35:6 (2004) pp. 483-499.

Debating the Transatlantic Relationship: Rhetoric and Reality.’ International Affairs 80:4 (2004) pp. 595-612.

Cowboys and Lawyers: An Institutionalist Critique of U.S. Foreign Policy.’ European Political Science 3:1 (Autumn 2003) pp. 7-12.

The Politics of Europe 2002: Flexibility and Adjustment.’ Industrial Relations Journal 34:5 (2003) pp. 363-378.

Idiosyncrasy and Integration: Suggestions from Comparative Political Economy.’ Journal of European Public Policy 10:1 (2003) pp. 141-159.

Liberalized Capital Markets, State Autonomy, and European Monetary Union.’ European Journal of Political Research 42:2 (March 2003) pp. 197-222.

The Politics of Europe 2001: Adversity and Persistence.’ Industrial Relations Journal 33:5 (December 2002) pp. 376-390.

Politics Beyond Accommodation? The May 2002 Dutch Parliamentary Elections.’ Dutch Crossing 26:1 (Summer 2002) pp. 61-78.

‘Consociationalism, Corporatism, and the Fate of Belgium.’ Acta Politica 37 (Spring/Summer 2002) pp. 86-103.

The Politics of Europe 2000: Unity through Diversity.’ Industrial Relations Journal 32:5 (December 2001) pp. 362-379.

The Politics of Europe 1999: Spring Cleaning.’ Industrial Relations Journal 31:4 (October/November 2000) pp. 247-261.

Changing the Guard in the European Union: In with the New, out with the Old?Industrial Relations Journal 30:4 (November 1999) pp. 277-290. With Christopher Pierson and Anthony Forster.

Competitive and Sustainable Growth: Logic and Inconsistency.’ Journal of European Public Policy 6:3 (September 1999) pp. 359-375.

Is Competitive Corporatism an Adequate Response to Globalization? Evidence from the Low Countries.’ West European Politics 22:3 (July 1999) pp. 159-181.

From Depillarization to Decentralization and Beyond: The Gathering Storm in Belgium.’ Dutch Crossing 22:1 (Summer 1998) pp. 139-160.

The Clash of Institutions: Germany in European Monetary Affairs.’ German Politics and Society 14:3 (Fall 1996) pp. 5-30. With Kathleen McNamara.