Journal Articles

Academic journal articles are the focus for most current scholarship. As a result, they are often hard to publish. I have been very lucky in a number of cases; more often than not, though, I have had to try multiple places before I could gain acceptance. The many referees who commented on my work along the way have helped me make it much better than I could have done working alone. No doubt there are still many errors of reasoning or analysis that I need to correct. I hope this work makes a contribution nonetheless. I am listing the articles in reverse chronological order. As I add links, I will try to make sure to provide access both to the article (through the title) and to the journal.

“Failing Forward? The Euro Crisis and the Incomplete Nature of European Integration.” Comparative Political Studies (2016) forthcoming.  With R. Daniel Kelemen and Sophie Meunier Aitsahalia.

“TTIP and the Finance Exception: Venue-Shopping and the Breakdown of Financial Regulatory Coordination.” Journal of Banking Regulation 17/1-2 (March 2016) forthcoming. With Huw Macartney.

“Getting the Story Right: How You Should Choose Between Different Interpretations of the European Crisis (and Why You Should Care),” Journal of European Integration 37:7 (2015) pp. 817-832.

‘Getting to Greece: Uncertainty, Misfortune, and the Origins of Political Disorder.’ European Political Science 12:3 (August 2013) pp. 294-304.

‘Identity, Solidarity, and Islam in Europe.’ International Spectator 48:1 (2013) pp. 102-116.

‘European Crisis, European Solidarity.’ Journal of Common Market Studies: Annual Review 50 (August 2012) pp. 53-67.

‘Power, Leadership, and U.S. Foreign Policy.’ International Spectator 46:3 (September 2011) pp. 19-29.

‘The Economic Mythology of European Integration.’ Journal of Common Market Studies 48:1 (January 2010) pp. 89-109.

‘Shifting the Focus: The New Political Economy of Global Macroeconomic Imbalances.’ SAIS Review 29:2 (Summer/Fall 2009) pp. 61-73.

‘Italy and the Euro in the Global Economic Crisis.’ International Spectator 44:4 (December 2009) pp. 93-103.

‘Output Legitimacy and the Global Financial Crisis: Perceptions Matter.’ Journal of Common Market Studies 47:5 (November 2009) pp. 1085-1105.

‘Look for the Blind Spot Where Structural Realism Meets Pluralistic Stagnation.’ British Journal of Politics and International Relations 11:2 (2009) pp. 225-237.

‘Wheeler Dealers: Silvio Berlusconi in Comparative Perspective.’ Journal of Modern Italian Studies 14:1 (March 2009) pp. 38-45.

‘Populism in Europe.’ SAIS Review 27:1 (Winter-Spring 2007) pp. 37-47.

‘Europe’s Market Liberalization is a Bad Model for a Global Trade Agenda.’ Journal of European Public Policy 13:6 (September 2006) pp. 945-959.

‘The Politics of Europe 2004: Solidarity and Integration.’ Industrial Relations Journal 36:6 (2005) pp. 436-455.

‘Public Opinion and Enlargement: A Gravity Approach.’ European Union Politics 5:3 (September 2004) pp. 331-351. With Niels van der Bijl.

‘The Politics of Europe 2003: Differences and Disagreements.’ Industrial Relations Journal 35:6 (2004) pp. 483-499.

‘Debating the Transatlantic Relationship: Rhetoric and Reality.’ International Affairs 80:4 (2004) pp. 595-612.

‘Cowboys and Lawyers: An Institutionalist Critique of U.S. Foreign Policy.’ European Political Science 3:1 (Autumn 2003) pp. 7-12.

‘The Politics of Europe 2002: Flexibility and Adjustment.’ Industrial Relations Journal 34:5 (2003) pp. 363-378.

‘Idiosyncrasy and Integration: Suggestions from Comparative Political Economy.’ Journal of European Public Policy 10:1 (2003) pp. 141-159.

‘Liberalized Capital Markets, State Autonomy, and European Monetary Union.’ European Journal of Political Research 42:2 (March 2003) pp. 197-222.

‘The Politics of Europe 2001: Adversity and Persistence.’ Industrial Relations Journal 33:5 (December 2002) pp. 376-390.

‘Politics Beyond Accommodation? The May 2002 Dutch Parliamentary Elections.’ Dutch Crossing 26:1 (Summer 2002) pp. 61-78.

‘Consociationalism, Corporatism, and the Fate of Belgium.’ Acta Politica 37 (Spring/Summer 2002) pp. 86-103.

‘The Politics of Europe 2000: Unity through Diversity.’ Industrial Relations Journal 32:5 (December 2001) pp. 362-379.

‘The Politics of Europe 1999: Spring Cleaning.’ Industrial Relations Journal 31:4 (October/November 2000) pp. 247-261.

‘Changing the Guard in the European Union: In with the New, out with the Old?’ Industrial Relations Journal 30:4 (December 1999) pp. 277-290. With Christopher Pierson and Anthony Forster.

‘Competitive and Sustainable Growth: Logic and Inconsistency.’ Journal of European Public Policy 6:3 (September 1999) pp. 359-375.

‘Is Competitive Corporatism an Adequate Response to Globalization? Evidence from the Low Countries.’ West European Politics 22:3 (July 1999) pp. 159-181.

‘From Depillarization to Decentralization and Beyond: The Gathering Storm in Belgium.’ Dutch Crossing 22:1 (Summer 1998) pp. 139-160.

‘The Clash of Institutions: Germany in European Monetary Affairs.’ German Politics and Society 14:3 (Fall 1996) pp. 5-30. With Kathleen McNamara.