Review Essays and Specialist Publications

There are some publications that are hard to categorize for academics. These include review essays and other specialist writings. Review essays are hard because they try to survey chunks of the literature; specialist publications are hard because they target such a relatively more narrow audience. The articles I have listed here are a mix of these types of contributions. When I get around to adding the links, they will work much like the regular journal articles with separate links to the text of the article (through the title) and to the journal where it was published. They are in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent.

‘The Leading Forces in the New Europe.’ Eastwest 15:3 (May/June 2019) pp. 13-15.

‘Leadership Required.’ Eastwest 15:2 (March/April 2019) pp. 42-43.

‘Why European Democracies are Struggling.’ Current History 118 (March 2019) pp. 83-89.

‘Forward Guidance and Price Stability: The European Central Bank Seeks to Chart a Clearer Path.’ SEFO – Spanish Economic and Financial Outlook 8:1 (February 2019) pp. 75-81. [Published in Spanish as: ‘Estabilidad de precios, forward guidance y construcción de la union monetaria.’ Cuadernos de Información Económica 269 (Marzo/Abril 2019) pp. 63-69.]

‘Stati Uniti – Elezioni di medio termine: la casa è spaccata.’ Il Regno – Attualità 20 (November 2018) pp. 578-580.

‘Brussels Passes the Ball Back.’ The World Today 74:5 (October/November 2018) pp. 30-31.

‘A Riff-Raff Government.’ Eastwest 14:5 (September/October 2018) pp. 15-16.

‘Identität und Geographie: kein gutes Paar.’ Schweizer Monat 1058 (July 2018) pp. 80-84.

‘Italy and Possible Implications for Eurozone Stability.’ SEFO – Spanish Economic and Financial Outlook 7:4 (July 2018) pp. 81-91.

‘Brexit: Come ce ne usciamo?’ Panorama (21 June 2018) pp. 64-67.

‘The Union’s Third Leg.’ Eastwest 14:3 (May/June 2018) pp. 24-25.

‘Fragile Europe.’ International Spectator 53:1 (March 2018) pp. 168-171.

‘European Macroeconomic Governance Reform: Moving Past Power Politics.’ SEFO – Spanish Economic and Financial Outlook 7:1 (February 2018) pp. 21-32. [Published in Spanish as: ‘Reforma de la gobernanza económica europea: superando las políticas de poder.’ Cuadernos de Información Económica 263 (Marzo/Abril 2018) pp. 1-13.]

‘L’economia di un’Europa meno atlantica.’ Aspenia 78 (October 2017) pp. 151-160. [Published in English as ‘The Economics of Post-Atlantic Europe.’ Aspenia 77-7/ (February 2018) pp. 101-109.]

‘Stati Uniti – Asia: le piroette di Trump.’ Il Regno – Attualità 22 (December 2017) pp. 644-648.

‘The “Eurobond” Proposal: A Challenging Path Towards Integration.’ SEFO – Spanish Economic and Financial Outlook 6:5 (October 2017) pp. 3-11. [Published in Spanish as: ‘Los eurobonos: historia de un largo camino hacia la integración.’ Cuadernos de Información Económica 261 (Noviembre/Diciembre 2017) pp. 73-81.]

‘The EU Social Model: Fair and Efficient.’ Eastwest 13:4 (July/August 2017) pp. 40-41.

‘Now for the Tricky Part: Unwinding the European Central Bank’s Unconventional Monetary Policy Stance.’ SEFO – Spanish Economic and Financial Outlook 6:3 (May 2017) pp. 7-17. [Published in Spanish as: ‘Ahora toca lo difícil: retirada de las políticas monetarias no convencionales del Banco Central Europeo.’ Cuadernos de Información Económica 258 (Mayo/Junio 2017) pp. 93-103.]

‘Trump ha bisogno dell’Europa.’ Il Regno – Attualità 8 (April 2017) pp. 193-194.

‘Athens, Europe’s Achilles’ Heel.’ Eastwest 13:2 (March/April 2017) pp. 27-29.

‘Trump e l’identità europea.’ Il Regno – Attualità 2 (January 2017) pp. 1-4.

‘Apple/EU, Taxes and Multinationals.’ Eastwest 13:1 (January/February 2017) pp. 38-39.

‘The Political-Economy of Ultra-Low Interest Rates.’ Bancni vestnik 65:11 (November 2016) pp. 7-11.

‘Il male oscuro della sinistra europea.’ Panorama (19 October 2016) pp. 26-27.

‘Referendums and Forbidden Planets.’ Eastwest 12:5 (September/October 2016) pp. 22-24.

‘Mario Draghi: The Most Powerful Man in Europe.’ SAIS Magazine (Winter 2016) pp. 8-13.

‘Europe’s Tragic Political Economy.’ Current History 114 (March 2015) pp. 83-88.

‘Russian Sanctions and Russian Confidence.’ Baltic Rim Economies Review 6 (December 2014) p. 39.

‘Occidente, ragioni e prospettive della solidarietà.’ Formiche 10:93 (June 2014) pp. 26-27.

‘The World’s Financial Capital: London or New York?’ Saisphere (2012-2013) pp. 28-31. With Jozefien Willemen.

‘The Euro versus the Markets.’ Aspenia 55-56 (August 2012) pp. 146-151.

‘Solidarietà e integrazione europea: non sprechiamo la crisi.’ Aspenia 56 (April 2012) pp. 164-175.

‘Europe’s Threatened Solidarity.’ Current History 111:743 (March 2012) pp. 88-93.

‘The Other Casualties of the Crisis.’ BEPA Monthly Brief 51 (November 2011) pp. 3-4.

‘Framing the Eurobond.’ ISPI Commentary, 1 September 2011. Also published in Italian as ‘Eurobond: Una scelta contestata.’ Dirigente 10 (October 2011) pp. 14-17.

‘Crisis in de Italiaanse Democratie: Over macht, onmacht, en schandalen.’ Openbaar Bestuur 21:5 (May 2011) p. 2-6. With Saskia van Genugten.

‘In Defense of Eurobonds.’ E!Sharp (March/April 2011) pp. 20-21.

‘Fiscal Discipline Is Not Enough to Stabilize the Euro.’ EUSA Review 23:3 (Fall 2010) pp. 12-17.

‘Tilting the Balance.’ E!Sharp (November/December 2009) pp. 28-29.

‘The Architecture of Government: Rethinking Political Decentralization.’ Parliamentary Affairs 62:4 (October 2009) pp. 691-697.

‘Just How Special is Turkey in Europe?’ International Studies Review 11:1 (March 2009) pp. 182-183.

‘Ora tocca all’Europa.’ Il Regno – Attualità 20 (November 2008) pp. 657-661.

‘When Small States Get Larger.’ EUSA Review 20:4 (Fall 2007) pp. 12-18.

‘After Berlusconi.’ Prospect 121 (April 2006) pp. 44-47.

‘Mis-selling Europe.’ The World Today 62:1 (January 2006) pp. 17-19.

‘Legitimacy and the Transatlantic Management of Crisis.’ Connections Quarterly Journal 4:2 (Summer 2005) pp. 29-32.

‘Competing Models for Europe’s Constitutional Debates: The Basics.’ Journal of European Affairs 2:1 (February 2004) pp. 8-19.

‘Comment on Conway.’ Contemporary European History 13:1 (January 2004) pp. 86-95.

‘The New Dynamics of ‘Old Europe’.’ French Politics 1:2 (July 2003) pp. 233-242.

‘EU Enlargement to the East: Why Should European and U.S. Firms Support a Risky Political Business.’ Danish-American Business Forum 4:6 (August 2000) pp. 7-17. With Jochen Lorentzen.

‘Putting the Euro into Perspective.’ Yale International Forum 1:2 (Spring 1999) pp. 19-32.

‘Monetary Integration and Small Country Adjustment.’ ECU 30 (January 1995) pp. 7-11.

‘How the Big Three Match Up Over 30 Years.’ European Brief 1:6 (July/August 1994) pp. 64-66. With Daniel Gros.

‘Soviet Energy Reforms: A Key to Success.’ International Economic Insights 2:5 (September 1991) pp. 15-17. With Daniel Gros.